I have come to think of feminism itself as an experiment. I am not referring to the history of feminism as a political movement—a history that is harried and glorious, long, disrupted, tormented, and distinguished—but rather to academic literary feminism. I think every woman who has undertaken to write as a feminist theorist, no matter how officially sanctioned and safe her discourse has become, has experimented with her life. This is also true of anyone who writes or engages in any form of cultural production under the aegis of a subversive or progressive political movement, particularly what used to be called the new social movements, organized around the politics of subjectivity, or identity politics, in which the feminist slogan ‘the personal is political’ has great literal force.

— “Jouissance, Cyborgs, and Companion Species: Feminist Experiment,” Marianne DeKoven

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telling my friend to “let’s see what happens if I do this thing”

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